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Voice actor shares her experiences

WHS alum Madeline Blood reflects on what she has learned

Jerry Hubbard

Staff Writer

May 26, 2023

Voice actors bring to life characters from TV shows, video games, and movies. I had a conversation with a former Westfield High School alumni, who works in this field. With voice actress Madeline Blood.

Voice actors are really important in embodying their characters. Actors like Johnny Yong Bosh, serve a critical role as to bring characters to life through popular shows like “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures” or video games like the “Devil May Cry” franchise. Some large named actors like Brian Cranston known for his roles in “Breaking Bad” or “Malcolm in the Middle,” got their start as voice actors.

Blood works as a part of a group called Hanabi Network, voicing fan-created parody comics based on the popular video game Genshin Impact. When asked, why she participates in these projects. “Saying a lot of random things, in fun voices and experimenting with a bunch of different characters, that I can see myself in…and being a bunch of characters with a bunch of different voices,” Blood said.

In the projects that Ms. Blood participates in, she works with an in-house studio in her home as a means to get work done.

“People all over the world can do that,” Blood Said.

When asked what she meant, she explained by talking about how she was able to find herself as a part of online communities where she was able to get her roles and parts in these types of projects. With her experience seeing her meeting a wide range of people.

“I have worked with people from all over the US…Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, England, Italy…And I think that might be it,” Blood said. “But it’s been really fun!”

With a lot of her ability to build connections within this voice acting space has been through large conventions, where she’s found herself meeting voice actors that also work as voice directors.

“Making connections with [voice actors], and giving them your business card, then they might look into it,” Blood said. “As they also work as voice directors, and they handle the directing and casting.”

Her having a great experience meeting all of these voice actors and directors at these conventions. As by meeting these people, she’s been able to get to know these actors.

“You kinda get a gist of how they actually are, as a person,” Blood said. “As based on what you’ve seen online and videos with other stuff.”

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