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The Swiftness of Time

Isabelle Snyder - May 5, 2023

Time is everywhere.

You hear it when you hear

the ticking of a clock.

The rhythm is steady,

like the beating of a heart,

slowly tricking you into thinking you have

just a few minutes more.

You feel it as you grow older,

beginning to have less energy

day by day in everything you do.

You see it in your parents,

watching tiny wrinkles form

on the creases of their foreheads

or seeing the streaks of gray in their hair.

You hear it as the voices of loved ones

start to slowly get quieter.

And you taste it as sweet, tart fruits,

start to become bland to you.

Time will never stop moving,

so live your life with no regrets.

And tell that person you love them,

because you never know

what will happen

when the clock strikes again.

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