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the place i go

Corrine Bognar - April 11, 2023

quiet and serene is the place I go.

where it's just me and Him, where I can let my tears flow.

here in this dark world, there is always one light.

a light shining on Him– on a cross– pure and bright.

falling to my knees, He sees my heart needs sewn,

so He holds it gently right to his very own.

He sits and He listens and He takes it all in.

my anger and my sadness and all of my sin.

so I stay in His presence, His glow, His love.

It is here I feel at home, looking into Heaven above.

even if I’m here for just a minute or more

I know He can heal me, right to my very core.

my eyes look to the door that leads out of this place.

knowing I can’t stay forever, I catch one last glimpse of His Face.

a Face that was mocked, a Head that was crowned,

a Savior that fell three times painfully to the ground.

so I will come back whenever I fall astray.

I will come to my Redeemer, my Bridegroom, the one True Way.

for this is where I come, where I kneel, where I grow.

yes, quiet and serene is the place I go.

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