The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Updated: Jan 12

By HANNAH HOFFNER, January 4, 2022

Some think winter is bitter, but I’d have to disagree,

The world is covered in a thick white coat, as far as the eye can see.

Snowflakes dancing, each unique in its own way,

Children outside, going to sled and play.

“A thick white coat” such an intriguing notion,

Almost silencing the world, freezing all motion.

And that moment when a snowflake greets the cold ground,

We can't hear it, for it doesn't make a sound.

The silence during winter seems to affect us all,

No matter how big, or tall, or small.

But personally that's one of my favorite parts,

A secret of the Earth that I hold close to my heart.

“But I don’t like the cold," some may complain,

Then sit near the fire, and feel the warmth of the flames.