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The great Christmas debate rages on

How early is too early for Christmas music?

Lily Durham

Staff Writer

November 10, 2021

As Halloween approaches so does the approaching threat of Christmas music but how early is too early for the Christmas songs to start playing? While many will say it is never too early, others will say it is always too early, but when is it truly the perfect time to start jamming to the holiday tunes?

I love the Christmas season as much as the next person, but it feels like the earlier we start to listen to the music the less special the Christmas celebration feels. Christmas is a joy-filled time to spend with friends and family, so it is no wonder that people would want to stretch those feelings out as far as possible but when it comes to the time to listen to Christmas tunes the truth is—yes—there is definitely a time that is too early to start listening to Christmas music. Just as a person would not eat dinner before breakfast, a person should not listen to Christmas music before Halloween. Halloween and Thanksgiving are holidays with their own unique vibe that should not be interfered with.

Halloween is a fantastic holiday, but it seems that it and Christmas are fighting for decorating space in stores. Halloween has wonderful music to put you in the Halloween spirit; you may have never had the chance to listen to it because of all the Christmas music crowding our world. Halloween also has unique decorations, however, they can be clouded by the prevalence of Christmas cheer brought up with the music.

Thanksgiving is also a great holiday that is overshadowed by the grand upcoming holiday. You never hear of people who start to decorate for Thanksgiving in September, or of people sitting around the table listening to Thanksgiving music. Thanksgiving could have so much potential to be the next big holiday if people did not overlook it for Christmas. Once Thanksgiving dinner is served is the perfect time to start getting into your holiday cheer and listen to Christmas music.

There are some positives to listening to holiday music before the holidays. People tend to be happier, and more generous during the holiday season, so increasing the consumption of holiday music could be a plus. However, with every positive, there is a negative. By listening to Christmas music early, people may get tired of listening to it by the time the holiday arrives.

This is not to say that it is still okay to listen to Christmas songs before the holidays a few times, but people should not be jamming to it 24/7 before we say trick-or-treat.

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