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The Drop

Atlas Wasson - October 3, 2023

I ride the rollercoaster

because the thrill makes it worth it.

I was okay until the drop—

the lump in my throat

the sinking in my stomach

the nausea.

I'm screaming—

the only thing to distract me from throwing up.

the drop feels like it'll last forever

but that’s just it.

it won't.

it feels like I'll spend my whole life feeling this way,

like I’m unable to breathe;

it's one quick moment

but it happened.

I get off the ride

still nauseous

and I start to cry

I’m not sure why.

I didn’t think I cared that much

but that drop—

it stays in my mind

I feel sick thinking about it

I can’t even look at it.

I hate roller coasters

but I ride them still—

I don't know why.

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