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The Donuts of Westfield

A closer look at the community’s beloved donut shops

Hanna Dykema

Copy Editor

September 26, 2022

Every morning, donut shops across Westfield welcome any and all families, businesses, sports teams, and everyday citizens craving a taste of glazed goodness. While many purchase and enjoy a sweet treat from these stores with ease, the behind-the-scenes of running a donut shop is key to making early-morning snacks a possibility.

One of the notable donut shops in Westfield is Jack’s Donuts. Owner Nickole Patton oversees both the Westfield and Carmel locations of Jack’s and notes that running the stores requires lots of responsibility and attention to detail.

“The behind-the-scenes tasks are what get lost by most people,” Patton said. “Doing inventory, ordering all the supplies to make donuts, ordering all the paper products, things of that sort that really aren’t fun, but necessary.”

Not only is Patton responsible for stocking all necessary supplies, but she must also make sure that the business is running smoothly financially. This is even more demanding for her because she has to do twice the work running two locations.

“Ensuring all the bills [and] rents are up to date is something that requires attention to detail,” Patton explained. “Having both shops, sometimes vendors will double charge us things and think we won’t notice; however, being such a small business, staying on top of every dollar out the door is huge.”

In addition to organizing a donut shop, the process of making donuts is the key step in appeasing the pastry-craving masses. Titus Bakery and Deli, another popular donut shop located in Westfield, has a unique approach to this operation. Titus employee Eliza Joyce (12), who wakes up early in the morning to ensure customers get their donuts made fresh daily, describes the donut-making process.

“Donuts are made a little differently at Titus Westfield,” Joyce said. “People working midnight shifts make the yeast donut bases at the Titus Lebanon location, and they are brought over to Westfield around 4 a.m. where they are filled, iced, and sprinkled.”

As an employee, Joyce has many responsibilities other than making donuts. She also serves customers at the counter and drive-through and makes sure the store is constantly clean. While the early hours prove to be demanding, working at a donut shop has many benefits.

“My favorite part is the people!” Joyce said. “For the most part, everyone is happy when they’re getting donuts, so customers are very kind.”

The impact of donut shops extends beyond the buying and selling of products. These local businesses have rallied around each other, and have contributed to bettering the Westfield community. For instance, Jack’s, Titus, and Quack Daddy Donuts have all generously donated at one point to Dance Marathon, a WHS club that raises money for Riley Children’s Hospital.

“Both of my kids are Riley babies, so for me, it’s personal [as] I’ve experienced first hand what Riley is…all about!” Patton said. “Being part of a community is more than just selling donuts. It’s about being a neighbor, the one that when you need something your neighbors have your back. Supporting organizations like Riley [and] Colby and Cates charity in Westfield, it’s just different knowing that a donut is not only bringing a smile, but it’s creating an opportunity for kids beyond a donut.”

Similarly, on their website, Titus Bakery says they contribute to charitable causes as a way to pay it forward to the community.

“We have always sought to give back by donating to a host of nonprofits and deserving causes as appreciation for the support we’ve always received.” Titus Bakery said about their involvement in the community.

In Westfield, donuts have the ability to bring the community together and brighten people’s days.

“[The best part is] seeing people happy…with donuts,” Patton said. “Donuts smell and taste good and create happiness.”

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