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The Doctor’s Room

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Jackson Black - November 1, 2023

- Spooktober 2nd Place!

Of medicine, profoundly apt is he

Approach and step inside the doctor’s room

From warted toes are marked the floors so green

The wretched smell cannot be swept by broom

His goggled beak, his muffled speech is neat

He’ll poke and prod with blackthorn cane and eyes

Some verses here for heaven’s guarantee

Some garlic there to aid the plague’s demise

He sees upon your skin the hue of night

And gathers that our God retrieves you now

So doctor leaves to treat another’s plight

And tears are shed, for hate of pain’s bestow

The air of Florence cools the doctor’s room

To no avail; the gales of death be soon.

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