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The difference between a student and a teacher

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

A day in the life might not be as different as one might think

Spenser Johns

Staff Writer

September 27, 2022

Homework isn't just for students - Miss Alexa Sucharetza grades papers in hopes of a free evening.

It doesn’t always click for students that teachers are regular people too. They go through life just the same as any average student does. I sat down with history and psychology teacher Alexa Sucharetza to get insight into her daily life and to show how teachers aren’t that different from students.

She begins her day with a cup of coffee and completes the stereotypical morning routine to get ready for the day. Prior to heading to Westfield, she will check her messages to see if students reached out to her the night before.

“I usually leave for Westfield by like 7:15 because I live in downtown Indy, so I try to beat the traffic,” Sucharetza said.

When she arrives at school, she prepares for her classes by setting up the atmosphere in her room. She not only does this for herself, but she also does it to benefit her students.

“I get here, plug in my lights, plug in my oil diffuser, and set up my bellringer for the day,” Sucharetza said. “I think the atmosphere is the most important thing. I think if the kids can tell that you feel comfortable, then they feel comfortable. I always try to make it a very open space for them.”

During the day, Sucharetza chats with colleagues such as Mr. Russell, Mr. Bunnell, Mr. Miracle, and Mr. Hampton in the hallways. She also uses clubs that she is involved with, such as American Pie, to spend time with some of her closest friends.

“I work [in American Pie] with some of the best people I’ve ever met, like some of my best friends,” Sucharetza said. “It’s very nice to interact with them and to interact with some of the best kids I’ve ever met…I really really look forward to it and always just makes my day, and it’s a big, positive outlet for me.”

After spending the day teaching, Sucharetza transitions to her at-home life. She likes to decompress during her car ride home to maintain a balance between life and school.

“I’ll listen to music, I’ll get food, and I will listen to podcasts,” Sucharetza said. “Then usually when I get home I will sit outside for a while, I will watch TV, and I don’t really touch my school stuff until later in the evening.”

In many ways, a teacher’s schedule is similar to a student’s. The only difference is that teachers are the ones feeding students the information that they get throughout the school day.

“I think that it’s important to remember that teachers are people too,” Sucharetza said. “We have relatively normal lives, like we’re not an alien species!”


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