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Ten Piedad

Ryan Acklin - November 21, 2023

Artwork: Growth - Mahlon Kalaba

we peek into each other’s minds

without any hesitation.

“grant us eyes” we mindlessly chant

with no given declaration.

mistakes though forged in iron,

do not define us so.

should evolution move us forward

when we conceive hate this low?

only the powerful can appoint idols,

for no one will decline.

the storms rumble from above,

but we all say it’s fine.

acknowledging that death surely comes,

our kind remains unstirred.

shall we ever brace ourselves

for this hazy blur?

when the world is dry of hate,

lives will surely churn.

ice grows for the smiling fire,

nails mend when roses burn.

but to comprehend ourselves,

gracefully soaring free,

with our youthful paths embraced

we must have mercy.

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