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"Tell Me"

By SELIA CROUCH, November 16, 2021

Tell me

why you act the way you do—

like a selfish kid.

It’s sick.

You just stand there

like I’m stupid.

Why’d you do this?

I’m not disposable.

I’m worth more than a kiss,

than a night out.

I want to shout

while you just pout

not knowing what

it’s all about.

The hell you mean

it doesn’t count?

Yes it does.

Yes she does.

And who I was

is without cause.


is all you’ll be

while I stand free

of your tyranny,

of your lies,

and I try

to just look to the sky

and cry.

But I’m not like


I’m not like you

and you know that’s true.

You knew

and you did it anyway.

So tell me

what you did that day.

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