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Teacher Promotes Students To A Nutritious Lifestyle


Slice and Serve! Ferreira cuts the blood orange to give to his students during the demonstration.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (March 6, 2019) - Mr. Bryan Ferreira, the teacher of Nutrition and Wellness at Westfield High School, and a professional chef of 18 years, has brought a realization to students that nutrition is a lifestyle, and, however the body is being treated, will affect the overall energy and mindset of the body.

Mr. Ferreira offers a wide variety of classes to students here at Westfield, such as Nutrition and Wellness, Advanced Nutrition and Wellness and then branches of Culinary Arts, Global Nutrition and Hospitality.

“Starting the Nutrition and Wellness class, I was really looking forward to learn how to make healthy meals, but also to have a fun year because I had heard really great things about Mr. Ferreira,” Jada Mitchell (10) said.

Ferreira has had a love for being in the kitchen for a long time, as he is very passionate about what he does. As a teacher, seeing students accomplish these learning skills and apply them to their everyday life, is very rewarding.

“My favorite thing about being a teacher is to take my culinary knowledge, into nutrition, and combine them both, resulting in having my students walk out of my classroom knowing how to make healthier choices in their lifestyle,” said Ferreira.

People stepping out of their comfort zone to try new foods and preparing different meals is a great way to explore cuisine from another country, religion or tradition. Cooking techniques vary when working with foreign foods, as each country has certain procedures they follow as a part of their culture. Simply, one never knows what types of food you will like if you do not give them a try.

“A meal that we were preparing in class one day was the zucchini muffins,” Iranica Collins (10) said. “ I had felt slightly nervous because I knew that this recipe would push my taste buds out of my comfort zone since I am not the biggest vegetable fan. Little did I know, I actually really enjoyed them. I would bake them again if I had the chance. ”

Ferreira continued furthering his culinary practices after his years as a professional chef by becoming a teacher to teach culinary guided classes.

“I started out being a chef for several years, but it was quite a lot because of the hours, and I did not see my family as much as I would have liked to,” Mr. Ferreira said. “Then I began substitute teaching, and the staff told me to think about coming to teach Nutrition and Wellness and start getting into the Culinary Program offered here at the high school.”

As students start to understand the proper means of a healthful meal in Nutrition and Wellness, they can choose to improve those skills by taking more cooking-based health classes.

“What makes me want to take the next step in the offered Nutrition and Wellness classes, is the fact that I get to further expand my knowledge about my well being, and to continue how to cook more complex meals for a healthy lifestyle,” Amiah Sprunger (9) said.

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