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Spooky Season Memories

A look back at Halloweens of the past

Chandler Walker

Staff Writer

November 18, 2021

Halloween is now just behind us, and with things finally returning to normal, students were able to go out and enjoy everything that Fall has to offer. The “Spooky Season” was a wonderful time to go trick-or-treating and enjoy your favorite haunts with friends.

And yet among the return to normal, we still find ourselves reminiscing on past Halloweens, a time before quarantines and hybrid schedules.

“I went to Indy Scream Park my first year in Westfield,” Nhi Nguyen (11) said, “It was so scary that I ended up on the floor, but I had a lot of fun since I was with friends.”

“I remember when I went trick-or-treating in the snow,” Kerizma Lewis (12) shared, “I thought I was going to freeze to death.”

“My brothers put me in a dark room and played a clown video to scare me”, Jaciaya Gross (11) shared, “Most traumatizing experience ever.”

“I remember one time they canceled Halloween because of how cold it was,” Dylan Walker (11) said, “I just sat in the kitchen eating all of the candy that was meant for the trick-or-treaters.”

“I went trick-or-treating with friends and this guy showed up in an inflatable baby costume”, Vaida Vata (11) shared “A baby costume. In the snow. It was insane.”

“I remember a few years ago at my cousin’s house the electricity went out and we were just screaming,” Maia Cristo (11) shared, “We forgot that they had motion detector jump-scare decorations and we activated them by accident. My cousins started punching the decorations.”

“I didn’t go trick-or-treating that year but I remember just walking around the neighborhood in the snow with a friend,” Aria Crider (11) shared “The view was so pretty but it was snowing so much that I had to go inside.”

Looking back on fond memories is an effective way to stay positive in trying times. With the stresses of finals and Covid, students enjoyed the opportunity to have a normal Halloween.

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