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Sorting Hat of Talent

Updated: May 8, 2020

by REAGAN MOTSINGER - April 27, 2020

“What are you best at?”

Nothing, he thought.

There’s nothing.

Try again. Think harder.

Um… I’m a fast learner,

I’m stubborn, and gosh, I can fly.

You can fly!

That’s it! I can fly! That’s what I’ll do!

You see, it’s always been inside of you.

“What are you best at?”

I’m not sure, she mused.

There are so many things,

But my only “exceptional” bit

is being confused.

No, it’s not. Try harder.

Ugh… I’m smart and dramatic,

Not much for art, but I’m a darn good writer.

You see?

I’m a writer! That’s it! That’s where my talent hides!

And it’s always been there, hidden inside.

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