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SNAPSHOT: Volleyball Senior Night 2019

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Anna Johnsey’s (12) senior board is displayed for all to leave kind words and heartfelt stories.
Grace Stewart (11) waits to hand flowers to the seniors.
Chloe Owens (12) and her family walk with flowers and gifts into one of their last Westfield games.
The volleyball team players cry and hug each other as they celebrate their seniors.
The team takes a time-out and huddles to talk about strategies for the game.
Putting their hands in, the girls chant, “Rocks!”
Elly Grenda (11) laughs at a teammate's joke on the sidelines.
Ellary Detamore (11) prepares to serve.
The players have a moment before the game continues.
Anna Johnsey (12) and Lauren Harvey (11) stop the Trojans from scoring a point.
The final point is scored and Westfield wins the game!

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