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SNAPSHOT: Girls Soccer Sectionals 2019

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Ashlynn Benner (12), team manager, supports the Rocks at their Sectional tournament.
Lauren Macdonald (12) chases the ball at her last soccer game for the Rocks.
A ball girl stands on the sideline waiting to jump in when ready.
Tiffany Park (11), Kirsten Kratz (11) and Chloe Ipsen (12) watch their teammates on the sidelines.
Lauren Hamlet (11) runs to snatch the ball out of Zionsville’s possession.
Addi Cash (11) runs in to play.
Coach Eggert and Lauren Hamlet (11) talk after Hamlet comes off the field.
Allison Burdick (12) sprints across the field to obtain the ball.
The Zionsville goalie watches out for Westfield’s ball.

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