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SNAPSHOT: Around the World

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by AVA BOEDEKER - Students and members of Westfield come together on Oct. 30, 2019 to celebrate the diversity of our community through events such as music, food, and culture.

Steel Pan I students put their 11 weeks of practice to use by performing in front of their first crowd.
The members of Steel Pan I class bring some enthusiasm to their performance.
To bring some culture into the performance, “Mes Triny” joined the Steel Pan I students on stage.
Steel Pan II students finish off the first part of the night through performance.
Confusing the crowd, Steel Pan II students bend down in the middle of a song during their director’s solo.
The members of Steel Pan II stand back up straight wearing sunglasses, amusing the crowd.
The club Bring Change to Mind advertises their club’s purpose during the final part of the Global Fair to draw in potential members.
The Arab Culture Club displays the diversity of Westfield through their cultural dancing.
At the Ireland Culinary table, Culinary Arts students prepare to pass out their food to hungry customers at the Global Fair.

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