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SNAPSHOT: Sing it Out

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Choir students jam out during their first concert of the year on Oct. 8, 2019.

Members of the most advanced choir, Signature Sound, get into the groove during their first song.

Signature Sound members take in the applause between songs from their first performance.
Signature Sound prepares for their final song of the night.
Soprano members of Limited Edition enthusiastically sing out their first song.
Limited Edition members dance along to a song that was favorited by the group.
Alto members of Limited Edition sing with style to their final song of the night.
Director Mrs. Allison Wessel introduces Limited Edition’s final song of their performance.
The Baritone section of Limited Edition sing to one of their more serious tunes.
Mixed Choir, composed of all grades, sings to the first song of the entire performance.
Allen Norris sings to his solo in the song “Just a Single Voice.”

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