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Shine Bright like a Shamrock

by SABRINA RICHARD - March 3, 2021 - Introducing Westfield’s new mean, green glowing machine

Like most modern, hip teens I have LED strip lights in my room. Westfield is catching up with this generational trend and has installed a brand new shamrock-shaped LED installation.

Mr. Matt Putman, one of Westfield’s administrators, watched the process happen.

“They installed it over the first Monday and Tuesday of winter break, it took one day to get the lift in and get the paper template up,” Mr. Putman said.

The construction workers using the template to get the brackets in place. There are seven total pieces that make up the shamrock.

“Then there was a whole separate day of hooking up the wires, getting it to function.” Mr. Putman said.

During A Lunch, Mr. Putman showed off the shamrock’s function. Turning it from the ever-present green to pink, to purple.

“There is a box on the backside of the wall,” Mr. Putman said. letting the purple fade into white, “and it allows you to control the light through a remote control. With the remote, you can change it to the color you would like. It’s just LEDs, thousands of LEDs”

The LED Shamrock changes from green, to a gentle purple.

While the shamrock with will remain representative of WHS’s school colors, Mr. Putman mentioned that other colors may be used in the future.

“I know Mr. Frederick’s plans on [changing the colors based on] themes of the month, for suicide awareness and the color associated with that.”

Putman even joked that the shamrock might turn red for Valentine’s Day.

During the unveiling of construction designs, the shamrock was always present. Architects wanted the union to be a unique space. They utilized natural light, industrial decorations and to tie it all together, the LED shamrock.

“The idea was ‘let's have a shamrock,’ and somewhere in the design process ‘well let's light it up’ and then ‘well let's make it green’ and architects said, ‘well, now with the LED capabilities we could make it so you could change the color of it, each month, each day.’”

Many people have voiced their opinions about the shamrock, saying it’s silly to spend so much money on an over-glorified night light. While the LED shamrock won’t help with standardized testing or student GPA, it is something students can rally around and enjoy.

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