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Rock Climbing Club offers a chance to rise up

Aydah Leising

Guest Writer

May 26, 2023

Going Up - Junior Noah Milligan scales the most difficult wall at Hoosier Heights.

The feeling of soft chalk after climbing the most daunting and difficult wall is an amazing feeling. Or that feeling of pride after having done it, everyone in Rock Climbing Club gets to experience that every day.

The teacher supervisor for this club is Sydney Bartel. The students have memberships at Hoosier Heights in Carmel and participate in the club every Tuesday. Rock Climbing Club gives students the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun.

“It is a great way to meet new friends and learn something new,” junior and long-time member Johanna Croft said.

While making new friends and learning new things is important it is also important to challenge oneself in the things one does, whether that be in sports, school, or social situations. In Rock Climbing Club there are many different levels of difficulty to help you push yourself.

“Right now I climb around a B4,” Elise Cramer stated her level of climbing skills.

Just like other sports, rock climbing helps people overcome fears and difficulties. Even though some may be afraid of heights, they still go to Rock Climbing Club.

“I’d say it does definitely [help with the fear of heights]” Croft said, “because when I first started it was really hard to not look down, to not get scared.”

Joining Rock Climbing Club is not just about having fun and making friends. According to the members you learn important skills and build strength.

“Part of the main reason why I like climbing is the problem-solving aspect of it,” Cramer said. “You really have to think and plan out where you're going to go.”

I spoke with two non-members to see if they would be interested in joining the club and why they would want to join. Joey Brandenburg was one of them.

“It sounds like a lot of fun, the experience would be a lot of fun, and you’d get to meet a lot of new people,” Brandenburg said. “It also, if you're scared of heights like me, could help you get over that fear.”

Brandenburg has never been in a club with the school before. She has only ever done drama and gymnastics at her old middle school. She thinks this would be an excellent way to get involved in something with the school.

“I used to be in my drama club at my old middle school, and I've always wanted to join a club,” Brandenburg said in reference to whether or not she had been in any clubs previous to coming to this school.

A lot of sports take up your free time. Between school work, sports, or your social life it can all be very hard to keep up.

“When I was in Color Guard my grades were slipping and I had no free time,” Croft said. “After I joined Rock Climbing I could keep my grades up, stay active, and I still had a ton of free time to hang out with friends.”

Not only is it important to be involved in school and clubs, but it is also important to be in a club or sport you enjoy.

“I definitely enjoy rock climbing more,” Croft said. “ It has given me more free time and more opportunities.”

The members of the club were very adamant in saying if one isn’t doing something they love, it's just not as enjoyable.

“I advise everyone to join a club or sport, whether it’s Rock Climbing or not,” Croft explained. “I think it just really helps to get to know people and get to exercise.”

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