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Regarding Body Image

by KATIE HUMPHREY - A Commemorate of National Eating Disorder Week

Commercials, social media, fashion, athletics have taught us all to strive for a certain body-type, regardless if even personally possible. Whether someone is “big-boned,” “needs a sandwich,” or “just plain goals,” these are all images we feel we either fit in or wish to fit out of. However, as individuals we can continue to strive to create new boundaries for ourselves. Instead of fitting into a predisposed body type, create your own. Set rational goals not for the sake of looking like someone else, but for the sake of feeling healthy and thus happy.

Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society once jumped on a desk chanting to his students, “We must continue to look at the world differently.” Through these photos, we are doing just that, regarding the body in abstract, refined ways. Everyone is beautiful, but finding that beauty is the struggle. Here is me finding mine.

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