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POEM: When Doves Fly

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

by JACKIE MORGAN - December 4, 2019

War's just based on hate and fear,

for men, they cannot seem to hear

their country crying every day,

“Stop the war!” they pray, they pray.

We've got to reach as far as we can reach,

teach those with guns the power of speech,

be mindful of complex emotions,

before we send weapons across oceans.

We need to try to talk as one

so as not to upset anyone.

This war that’s started needs to cease;

Let’s feather a nest for the Dove of Peace.

The Dove forlornly calls across

in memory of all the loss

to show the sorrow its heart endures

in hopes one day we'll find the cure

For war’s just based on hate and fear;

Let peace be found in future near.

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