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POEM: Warrior Generation

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by ELI W. - September 12, 2019


We rise, not fragile and coddled,

Tearing away commercial gossamer,

Seeing the corruption before us

And not stepping down.

We are not weak; we are fighters,

Taking the world to task for what it has left us.

My tribe stands with one another

In solidarity and support,

In love and understanding,

Refusing to see so much taken from us-

Not our future

Not our planet

Not our neighbors

Not our friends.

We refuse to stay quiet in the face of hate,

But stand with each other in hard times and wait.

Though others cower in darkness

We see more than any before us:

Privileges are not for exploit or indulgence;

Our world is a starting ground

With patches to be paved and wounds to be healed.

My generation yearns to understand,

To see through the storm of persecution-

the burden of our generation-

“Trophy Generation,”


A million other insulting misnomers.

We are radical but our demands are not:

Rationally, we ask for love and thought

On the impact we have on our earth and seas

How we should comply in our communities.

We have seen each other broken

By culture

By shame

By blue lights

And vices of another name.

Refusing to lie dormant

We heal and we rise

On the backs of those before us and look to the skies.

We will not watch the poor be discarded,

We will not watch the masses fall disheartened.

The world is not gentle, not designed for us.

Our fight falls on deaf ears all around

If not drowned out by discordant sound.

Refusing to conform to a culture of greed

My generation will fight to be freed.

Beneath that hazy fog we know

the world is more than concrete walls and strife.

We movers and shakers will not fall deaf to reason;

We listen to stats and think of our seasons

Shortened within our own lives.

Seeing tempests of hate only grow

We cannot ignore what we know:

Humanity has scarred the planet.

The past is not destiny so we call for those to listen.

Our ranks are waiting to rise up and fight

Those unconcerned with our plight.

Take care, demand change, whatever you can.

I know where I stand:

With a revolution of democracy and change hand in hand

I stand with the innocents robbed of innocence,

I stand with the generation that walks into school in fear

Knowing guns could always be near,

I stand with the generation, the warriors

That have risen to fight

For their future

For their love

And at the very least, their life.

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