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POEM: This Mind of Mine

Updated: Dec 2, 2019


This mind Of mine

There’s nothing It’s static There’s static I’m thinking Oh god I’m sitting I’m staring I’m thinking

The lights These lights They’re too bright Why won’t they dim the lights?

The silence This silence It’s too quiet Why won’t they make any noise?

Why won’t they Let me think Let me talk Let me love The color There’s color It moves and mixes And texturizes I love These colors Her hair It’s red Like autumn Sweet fragrances Feels familiar His freckles They’re orange Warm like His hugs Infatuous intimacy The sunshine It’s yellow Clothes me Every day Ethereal eternity My plants They’re green Silk stems Velvet leaves Luxurious life The sky It’s blue Infinite space Experienced as Constant cologne

The stars And dawn And dusk They're violet Beautiful beyond These colors I love The color It’s mine All life Is mine

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