POEM: My Far Dreams

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by CONNOR MCLAREN - March 7, 2019

Greatness achieved by satisfaction

The gold greater than the trip

We live in a cave called education

Understand more when I skip

The living want to go to Heaven

But they fear when death is due

Everyone’s eyes shine hollow white while mine are only blue

100-yard fields cut down in minutes

Fire’s beating thin trees

Making it impossible to win it

With bribery and fees

The dominoes will be immense

The people regretful too

Everyone’s eyes shine vacant white while mine are only blue

Beauty pageants fantasize peace

A wish that we can’t reach

Cause problems that arise with a leader’s leash

The evil don’t know the hate that they teach

He’d like to live, don’t shoot him

I think you’ll agree soon

Everyone’s eyes shine static white while mine are only blue

Drum beats only last so long

We play along with the Earth

Remembered greats will soon be gone

Changed history taints their worth

New stars will soon make their light

But won’t change the haiku

Everyone’s eyes shine pale white while mine are only blue

Reading Greek fables now nothing more

Stories over lessons

Somehow different than Christian lore

Maybe one day regression

The prophet died for what he thought was right

Now they say protestors don’t ring true

Everyone’s eyes shine hollow white while mine are only blue

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