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POEM: Medusa

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by JOSEF WHEATLEY - October 7, 2019

As I sense the tireless vision cast upon me,

I seemingly petrify in the face of this gorgon.

As she slithers hither, a shadow of disquietude accompanies.

Her squamous emerald body swaying in a perpetual state,

her maneuvers are mesmerizing.

As my body solidifies,

permeating with the horror of everlasting anxiety,

she scrutinizes each and every attribute with vast intrigue.

Of her wrathful intent, do I realize her purpose:

To remove the tranquil and content.

As I draw my final breath of serenity,

I freeze with little notice.

With this treacherous fate do I accept the end.

I give into the horrendous outcome chosen for me.


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