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POEM: Leaving Fall

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

by RACHEL BEHRENS - December 4, 2019

on this highway full of trees

I see you barely hanging

not yet grasped by the hand of Wind.

not long ago,

the Wind changed my destination

to the road less understood.

You keep me alive.

I watch you crack

every time Nature breathes.

you encircle the perception

behind my rearview eye.

the only thing keeping me awake

is the vibrancy of your essence

and the pleas in your hue.

oh, feathery Leaf,

now rustling in my talk,

protect my car driving in your way.

I will not stop to look at your radiance

shielded by cruel Nature’s shivers.

you will someday blossom

then wither once again.

farewell, my big pile of Sunshine.


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