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POEM: I remember the day

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Gabby Wiernik - November 2019

one dreary morning, my mom packed her bag

we all said goodbye, her shoulders started to sag

she was off to New York, and her heart started to break

walking through those hospital doors, her hands started to shake

he had been battling cancer for years, she looked over at the bed

her dad was lying down, she kissed his forehead

for a couple of days she saw him laugh and smile

she remembered the days when he would wake up and run a mile

but he couldn’t run, he could barely move

his health was only getting worse, it would never improve

I remember getting photos of my mom and her dad

I look at them ever so often, but my heart gets too sad

after her visit, my mom returned home

but it seemed like a dark haze surrounded her like a dome

she never wept, she never cried

I recall the day she sat me on the couch and told me my grandpa had died

I remember the pools of tears pouring out of my eyes

My only regret being I never got to say my goodbyes

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