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poem: aloe vera

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by JESS PAWLAK - May 8, 2019

let the cuts on your palms heal,

theoretically, literally.

wrap your burning sorrows

and the pains from tomorrow.

you are not always what your mind

tells you that you are.

It is easy to believe

that only other people can lie to you,

but you can be the biggest deceiver to yourself.

pain is not poetry.

depression is not alluring.

loving yourself

is the most beautiful song you can sing,

taking care of yourself

is the most heartfelt story ever written.

you are not the lies your thoughts cast down on you.

you will always be enough,

you will always be divine.

so clean your lacerations with the vines

of our earthshine

and let your complexion thrive.

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