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POEM: A Heart Stitched Together

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

by HANNAH GILBERT - January 6, 2020

endless days laughing under the sun

memories thought to last a lifetime had just begun

innocent hands intertwined, nothing left unsaid

love songs on the water as the sun went to bed

everything was easy, no doubt in mind

who’d have thought it’d all soon be left behind

that day still rings clear in my head

never will i forget what was said

those earth-shaking words put in place

promises forgotten, betrayal slapped me in the face

when “i’ll never leave you” was all a lie

he left me and i wonder if i’ll ever know why

my best friend abandoned me

“i love you” meaning nothing clearly

i’m sorry i’m not all the things

that you thought i should be

i hope someday you are truly happy

though you thought i deserved better

i don’t know how you couldn’t see

you were always and forever enough for me

knowing the only place to turn is

to the One who’s always held my life

the One who knows wrong from right

a heart prone to wander, a heart prone to flee

from my savior always holding fast to me

the One who will never let me go

will always be my rescue

every promise He makes will be my refuge

His “i love you” will never die

this is my anthem cry

my savior robed in majesty

cares for someone like me

my shattered heart stitched together

by the One who holds the stars

earthly man stopped loving me

but He will always hold me in his arms


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