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Player Spotlight: Football Team

by BRENNA WILLIS - January 12, 2021 - As we enter a new season of sports, let’s reflect on some of the football team members who helped lead the team to success.

“I was really focused on basketball at first and wanted to pursue that and make it my only sport. The further along I got, I realized I was losing a chance and it was now or never for football and I didn’t want to lose it. You only get one year as the oldest grade level and it’s been the most fun part of the season...There are over 25 seniors but we’re all enjoying the role we have...we love being leaders and producing more culture and better habits and it’s leading to really awesome results. It speaks a lot about the leadership of our coaches and what they taught us and instilled in us,” - Benji Welch (12).

“Football for me was like home away from home. This season was different for me because of the seniors, especially Jack Pfeiffer [12]. He was a great mentor and guided me through my starting two years of high school. He always had a great attitude and made sure no one was slacking off on the field and off. He was a great motivator and always picked people up when they were down,” - Sam Toney (10)

“Football isn’t just a sport. You get to spend time with people from all different backgrounds and turn them into your brothers. You make bonds with people you might have never ever met before. We have become more united than ever before. We all have to be careful who we are around, strict guidelines, and limit the number of hangouts. In the end, it has been worth it because we got to play our favorite sport in a global pandemic,” - Will Hemmerling (10).

“My favorite memory was definitely from this year when we beat Merrillville and we headed to the state championship. We were the first class to ever make it to the 6A championship so that was really cool and special for us. With the covid restrictions, it was really hard as a team to bond and create a bond and culture with each-other, but during the season we were able to connect finally. Our class has always prided ourselves with leadership and I think we were able to take our talents to a whole other level because of it,” - Carson Voorhis (12).

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