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Outstretched Wings

by ISSAC MINDER - April 30, 2021

Like a safe haven in the middle of a storm,

He made it easy to love him.

The smell of his trademark cologne

Grabs you as he walks in.

Skin like an old leather couch,

Hair still as long as ever, silky white.

Old, worn down blue jeans

With a crewneck sweatshirt.

His second heart,

Breathing life through tubes and up his nose.

He taught me to push through adversity,

To be kind to others,

To always look at the bright side.

Never was able to catch him without a smile,

Even though he had every reason to frown.

He kept the good in mind,

Loved his family with everything he had left,

And made sure everyone else smiled too.

Though he had to leave us for now,

He can finally fly around freely.

My butterfly, my angel, my Papa.

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