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One Impostor Remaining...

by SYDNEY CHURCH - November 19, 2020 - Emergency Meeting! It’s time to find out why “Among Us” is one of the fastest-growing games on the market.

I first discovered the game in the late summer of this year on a Twitch stream. I texted my two best friends and suggested we find a way to play. They agreed, and from then on, we’ve practically been addicted to the game ever since.

Before I dive in and give you my thoughts and personal review of the game, let me provide you with some background knowledge. “Among Us” was first released in the summer of 2018 by the American gaming company, InnerSloth. It’s a multiplayer, cross-platform, mafia-style space game in which players are assigned roles and tasks. If you are named an impostor, you must do your best to eliminate the innocent crewmates in the game. There are three maps to play, with their own backstories included, but let’s get to the review.

“Among Us” is thoroughly enjoyable no matter how you play it. My friends and I prefer private lobbies with people we know and talking through a Discord voice chat, which is commonly used by streamers and YouTubers. You can also run the game as a free play to practice task completion, or in public lobbies with random players.

Most people I talk to would rather be the impostor and kill the crewmates in the game. I, however, find being the impostor to be extremely stressful and prefer to be a crewmate and completing my tasks. As much as I like being a crewmate, I am also a pretty good impostor, and can usually win my impostor games with a good partner.

With a new update being released soon, and the popularity of the game rising, I highly suggest you check it out. You can download for free on the mobile App Store, purchase on Steam for PC and desktop computers, or on BlueStacks for Mac users (this is what I use, I promise it won’t give you a virus).

Overall, I give Among Us a 9/10. There are some fun additions or improvements that could be made. Many members of the “Among Us” fanbase have suggested new colors, hats, game modes, and maps to keep things interesting, but it’s still great to play with your friends as it is. Just remember to not take it too seriously - I’ve almost lost friends over this game!

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