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Ode to My Shining Sun

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Josephine Doll - August 29, 2023

Oh, bright ball of gas,

determined to shine and sizzle all afternoon,

you heat up the deck I proceed to lie upon.

Switching my body—back to belly, belly to back—

I listen to the banter of birds

as you disperse your love evenly onto my figure.

I feel a hot breeze flow through my light brown hair

as your rays beat down on my pale skin.

My spandex sticks to my body from every pellet of sweat formed.

Through every cloud that passes between us,

you shine even brighter than before,

straining to keep me warm—

But dark clouds battle to cool me.

You must know of the day I’ve had,

The escape I need from society,

The escape I need from my own identity.

The weather is my only friend now.

So I welcome you, sun, who soothes my soul today.

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