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No Guidance

by KAELYN POSTON September 28, 2021

Friends in tears from endless slander,

What did they do to deserve this banter?

Memories haunting, time doesn’t heal,

Emotions turned numb, skin cold to the feel.

Relationships strained, divisions are made,

Fear in the halls, all rules disobeyed.

Endless chatter, multiple fights

All because we insist that we’re right.

Views taken too far, bangs ring out

Gunshots fired, knives drawn out.

Leaders are scared, not sure what to do

They know what is right, but how, what, and who?

When will this end? Who will set the example?

Is it up to the students? Is our experience ample?

The answer is no, it’s not up to us.

While we may have a voice, we still ride the bus.

While we argue about status, flags, and choices,

We listen but lack direction from grown-up voices.

Adolescents are scared, not sure what to do.

They know what is right, but how, what and who?

United we stand, is that what they say?

One country indivisible ought to be our way.

Picture those towers and the tragedy witnessed.

Was it accepted? Was it dismissed?

No! We came together as one human race

Regardless of politics, sexuality, or color of face.

If we seek unity and division no longer,

We must remember that together we’re stronger.

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