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New Innovation Center, New Me

by KATIE HUMPHREY, AVA BOEDEKER AND LAURA SHUPE - A photo-blast capturing the updates to the new and improved learning center.

Laura Shupe (9) uses a new, modern set of lockers. They will be open next year, and can be checked out daily.

Although the innovation center is open, there is still caution for continuing construction around the area.

One of the grandest features of the innovation center is the contemporary design of the light fixtures.

Dance Marathon members Sydney Clifford (12), Alex Colombue (11) and Sophie Porter (12) use the new innovation center as an outlet for advertising Dance Marathon.

Laura Shupe (9) admires the new updates to the innovation center from the grand staircase.

“The Booth” is a place where the counselors are currently working from.

On top of a main office desk, there are life-size Scrabble pieces that show the letters “WHS” to make the temporary office seem like home.

The new main office includes a staff lounge where teachers can fill up their waters in between periods to fuel up for their next class.

Hanna Unton (10) uses materials in the main office during CORE.

Bill Nass waves on top of the new grand staircase overlooking the innovation center.

New tables with a white board cover make it easy for students to write down their ideas.

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