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New English curriculum requires all students to write all classwork in limericks

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

*All stories found under The Layers are satirical and are not intended to be taken seriously.*

Victoria McGraw

Staff Writer

October 5, 2021

The admin just made the conclusion

It was time for the prompt exclusion

Of essays from school

Cuz it’s far more cool

To use limericks just to stir up confusion

And the students cried “oh why!”

For they knew that they couldn't apply

Limericks to all

Cuz they couldn't recall

Enough rhymes for sufficient supply.

Teachers are quick to provide explanation

They wont leave it up to interpretation

“We know AXES aren't fun

So frankly, we’re done.

Just be grateful you vile creation”

But the cries of the students only grow and louder louder

As they rhyme so much they forget to shower

Lindsey Picket can’t rhyme

And she’s running out of time

Will her class graduate without her?

“There’s hope for a future of poetic renaissance

But for this we need a positive response”

From students and staff,

So on admins behalf ...



Forget this, nothing rhymes with response!”

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