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New Beginnings: Underclassmen Describe their Impressions of Highschool

Westfield’s underclassmen weigh in on high school anxieties and changes

Gabriel Minichiello

Staff Writer

October 25, 2021

It has been nearly two months since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, and things are looking up. The hallways are packed with the entirety of WHS’ population, and much to the chagrin of our collective sleep schedules, students are back at school five days a week.

But what about the students who have never seen WHS at its full might and potential? For some underclassmen, WHS’ change in pace has been daunting but conquerable.

“I expected a drastic change from middle school. The size of the building was terrifying to me.” WHS freshman Otto Drake said.

To others, pre-high school anxieties didn’t measure up to what they actually felt on the first day.

“I personally knew a bit of what it would be like because I was in the marching band in my 8th grade year and have four older siblings,” said freshman Lydia Crouch. “I thought it might be more stressful. In reality it wasn’t.”

Regardless of new school jitters, Westfield’s underclassmen are excelling in the realms of academics and extracurriculars by challenging themselves to go above and beyond.

“In terms of lessons, German is the hardest, as it’s a foreign language [for me].” Sophomore Dylan Burrous said.

But even without excellence in foreign language, academics as a whole have not been lost in translation for these underclassmen.

“I’m taking English 10 Honors this year and the tests are more difficult than I’m used to.” Sophomore Jesse Minichiello said. “I still like the class and what we’re learning about, however.”

Extracurriculars are also a source of distinction for these students, with Burrous attending art club, Crouch a proud member of the WHS Marching Band, Drake involved in student government, and Minichiello a part of the fishing club.

“I really enjoy student government. Being involved in class activities and being able to apply my own input is very enjoyable.” Drake said.

Understandably, Westfield’s 2021-2022 underclassmen will be making their own footfalls as new school anxieties pass and new opportunities arrive.

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