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Music To Your Ears

by SYDNEY CHURCH - Finding out what music means to Westfield students.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Sep. 2019) - How does music impact the lives of students? Many studies show how music can change a person's mood, particularly in teens. Listening to music can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as elevate mood and alleviate pain. Students interviewed had varying answers when asked how music affects them directly.

Q: What role does music play in your everyday life?

Connor Housefield (11): “Music is what I wake up to in the morning, and what I am listening to going to bed. I listen mostly when driving to school. I am able to use the radio to sing worship songs and it really brightens my mood every time.”

Becca Boxell (11): “I would definitely say music is one of the most important things in my life. Listening to music while walking in the halls at school gives me a sense of security. Like I’m in my own little bubble while listening to whatever song is playing.”

Sam Smith (10): “Music is such a huge part of my attitude in my everyday life. I try to listen to mostly upbeat music when I am happy and when I am sad. It’s important so I can stay positive and have a more positive impact on people.”

Q: How does music affect your productivity in school?

Lauren Todd (12): “Music most definitely helps my productivity in school. When I’m working on busy work or studying, I can plug in and listen to music to block out all other distractions. It also puts me in a better mood.”

Nicole Casey (10): “For me, listening to music at school can either increase or decrease my productivity. It helps me a lot when there’s a lot of distractions and I’m trying to work on something so that I can tune everything out, but when I’m doing too many things at once and listening to music, it makes it hard to focus.

Q: Do you listen to music while studying or doing homework?

Connor Housefield: “It’s hit or miss for listening to music while doing homework. Sometimes I need to be really focused to study well. I can’t listen to music while reading because the words go over my head. When I do listen to music while doing homework, it has to be with sunlight and a good room because if it’s too dark with music playing, I feel too claustrophobic.”

Brylee Stubbs (11): “Usually I do because it can help me get motivated or excited. Sometimes I get too distracted, so I just turn on instrumentals or my favorite classical pieces to focus more on work and less on lyrics in a song.”

Q: What kind of music inspires you the most?

Becca Boxell: “I would say I get a lot of work done when I listen to songs with good beats or just stuff in the background. Yes lyrics are important, but when I can just vibe to a song, that’s definitely the best.”

Lauren Todd: “The music that inspires me the most is Jesus music. My faith is a huge part of my life, and Jesus music is perfect for any mood.”

Sam Smith: “Calm music, usually, because it makes me bring my energy down when I need for my energy to be more calm.”

Q: How does music make you feel?

Gabby Logan (11): “If I’m having a bad day, I listen to a good or hype song and my mood does a whole 360. If I ever need an escape, I just listen to music and it’s like a temporary getaway.”

Nicole Casey: “Music totally changes my mood throughout the day. If I’m not having a great day, I love to listen to music to just give me a break from everything. It either keeps me in a good mood or puts me in a good mood.”

Brylee Stubbs: “Music makes me feel happy when I’m not feeling the greatest, and it really helps me push through tough days. I can listen to music and it completely changes my mood.”

Q: What is your favorite song?

Graphic by PAIGE KUPER

Connor Housfield: “Any sort of worship song, but the one that goes ‘Oh the overwhelming, neverending, reckless love of God’” (“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury)

Gabby Logan: “‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ by Billie Eilish, for the sole fact I can relate to it and it’s just so good.”

Lauren Todd: “My all time favorite is ‘Fool In The Rain’ by Led Zeppelin. The story that song is about is super interesting, and I just love Led Zeppelin.”

Becca Boxell: “I don’t think there is just one song, generally anything by Billie Eilish. Right now it’s ‘bury a friend,’ it’s not really the lyrics, it’s the beat and like the stuff behind it.”

Brylee Stubbs: “My favorite song always changes, but my current favorite is ‘Dawn Chorus’ by Tom Yorke. The music is so nostalgic and it makes me feel like I’m above all my problems and I can just relax and listen to it.”

Sam Smith: “My favorite song is either ‘Truth Hurts’ by Lizzo or ‘X’ by Uzi. ‘Truth Hurts’ is such a positive and empowering song, and it’s so funny. ‘X’ is one of my favorites because I love all of Uzi’s music so much.”

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