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Mother Madness

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

by AVA BOEDEKER - April 19, 2021 - I went undercover on the Westfield Moms’ Facebook Group and sought out some of the best posts so you don’t have to.

Established on June 13, 2017, the Westfield Moms Group contains over 7,100 moms who share advice, give tips, and convey general information that may be helpful to other moms in the group. They say that the group is “a supportive place for moms living in Westfield, Indiana and adjacent areas to discuss topics related to our community, parenting, schools, or to seek out recommendations.” After searching through the group, I found that what they say could not be closer to the truth.

Baby Shark is ahead of its time. It seems, however, that the mothers of Westfield are beyond over it. That is something I don’t understand though. The true essence of Baby Shark is going unappreciated. It’s sad, really. Poor little girl, I understand your pain.

If you ever need a good handyman or plumber, hop onto the Westfield Moms’ page and I can guarantee there will be multiple different people who have been recommended. These moms are very serious about finding the right person to help because as you can see, “Mama wants to shower.”

What is ironic about this to me is that the moms of Westfield find this funny. No shame, to each their own, but I guess people that aren’t moms just won’t get the joke. Carrying your kid out of a store while they’re screaming must be rough though. I’ll give them that.

I’ll be honest, I heard the news here first, and that was the same for many other people in Westfield, I’m sure. It truly is heartbreaking though. Who doesn’t love Chick Fil A?

Ninety-nine percent of this entire group is posting pictures of cakes from Dairy Queen that were decorated by DQ Diana, the cake decorator at the Westfield Dairy Queen location. Her decorations on cakes are incredible! I’ve seen everything from Bob the Builder to the band KISS decorated on a cake by her! This one is a pizza, which is just as cool.

Squishmallows are becoming a very popular amenity to kids these days, but more specifically teenagers. They are so popular that they are constantly sold out in stores. So in case any WHS students are looking for some, I highly recommend joining this group, because these moms have the in on where they might be!

For the grand finale, this post. This confused me a little bit because I can’t tell if there is any sort of sarcasm involved here or not. Either way, you guys better get your schoolwork turned in. Also, don’t let your mom know you saw this post.

This undercover search was quite exhilarating. I was able to glimpse a peek into the lives of the average Westfield mom and see what their daily lives are all about. This so-called journey brought me to see things and read posts I never thought that I would. Just as I expected.

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