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Moments That Made Me Shed A Tear

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The times I have cried for some of the most random and unnecessary reasons

Natalie Kishko

Staff Writer, PR Team

September 17, 2021

I don’t like to cry. To me, showing emotions seems like a point of weakness; therefore, I try not to. However, there have been some instances in which I couldn’t help myself and felt the need to shed a tear.

Below are some of those odd reasons:

1. Parallel parking

Don’t get me wrong. I’m surprisingly good at parallel parking, but what makes me emotional and stress-cry is when there’s a car right behind me and they have no way of going around. They then have to wait for me to get in the spot to continue driving. It makes me extremely anxious and then I’m off my A-game with parking and possibly crying.

2. La Croix

Pamplemousse La Croix holds a special place in my heart. Whether I'm having a good or bad day, all I want is that drink. One time I was having a terrible day and I decided that La Croix would cheer me up. When I went in, it was sold out and made my day even worse than before. I bought Grapefruit Bubbly as revenge. I hate to say it, but I did email La Croix customer service to complain about my day, the sold-out flavor, and my unlawful act of cheating with Bubbly.

3. No perfect pair of jeans

Sometimes when I have an outfit planned out for a certain event or day, it feels like I romanticize my jeans ridiculously more than they should be. Ninety-eight percent of the time when I go to try the outfit on, the jeans just don’t hold up to the standard in my mind. Whether it’s the length or the wash, sometimes I just end up sad and reevaluating my life, along with my choice of jeans.

4. My favorite necklace

I have a certain necklace that I can’t live without. It honestly doesn’t have much of a special meaning, but I can’t go a day without wearing it. One time, when I was going to swim with my friends, I took it off because I didn’t want to lose it, obviously. Once we got back, it was nowhere to be found. In the beginning, I let it slide and hoped that it would appear soon, and yet, it didn’t. I have worn this necklace for the past 10 months straight, never taking it off, so going 2 days without it made me feel not normal. My friend eventually found it and now, I refuse to take it off ever again.

5. New shoes

When there has been a specific pair of shoes that has been extremely hyped up, I can’t be the only one that buys them and expects 110% out of them. When I hear reviews about how comfortable they are, how they shouldn’t hurt my feet or give me blisters, I hope for the best. What I learned through this lesson is that people definitely lie about the criteria for a perfect shoe. I recently got a new pair of shoes that had questionably amazing reviews, and they gave me blisters. This was in fact a sob story. They ended up becoming comfortable, but I will never forgive them for the five days of trauma they struck upon me.

Please make sure not to follow in my footsteps and cry for the most unimportant things. As my mother says, “Don’t waste your tears unless you’re at a funeral.”

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