By CORRINE BOGNAR, February 5, 2022

There was once a time when freedom of religion was respected.

There was once a time when freedom of speech was accepted.

There was once a time when children had happiness without exhaust.

But now our America is lost.

No longer can one speak about a Saviour who saved without judgment.

No longer can one say their truth without needing adjustment.

No longer can children grow up with a mind free to roam.

How does our lost America find its way home?

Our America is a lost sheep waiting to be found by a shepherd.

Our America is a set of eyes, whose vision is blurred.

Our America is lost and in need of a guide

To help us recover what we cannot find.

To find our way back we need to change.

To allow people’s opinions without being seen as “strange”

To find our way back we need to accept.

To accept our differences in order to protect.

Our America can be recovered from its lost state.

Our America can indeed be fixed if we only lose our hate.

Our America can be found if we only try

Then maybe, just maybe, we can reach through the clouds to the sky.

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