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Let gratitude be your attitude

Students share what they are thankful for

Nhi Thai

Staff Writer

November 23, 2021

While diverse and contrasting in many situations, humans share a common ground of thankfulness.

Although some may have more gratitude than others, the mindset that gratitude brings shapes a person’s attitude. Rachel Englert (10) focuses on their growth and development to rewire their perspective into a positive one.

“I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had that helped me grow as a person,” Englert said. “To love yourself and put yourself first especially if [those experiences] harm your mental health is the most important thing to have.”

Finding yourself is important, but those around you also matter. Sophomore Rylie Redstone is grateful for her support system, which has stayed with her throughout her life.

“I’m thankful for all my family members that live with me or not,” Redstone said. “They’re always available for me when I need help and love me for who I am.”

Junior Emily Burns also has a support system that guides her through pivotal and challenging life experiences.

“My supportive friends and family have helped me a lot,” Burns said. “Junior year is very hard, but they’ve helped me manage it, which I’m so grateful for.”

Even the simplest things make Bella Maines (9) thankful.

“Whenever I don’t feel good, I always eat mashed potatoes,” Maines said. “It may seem silly, but when others aren’t there for me, mashed potatoes [are].”

Gratitude for the local community is also apparent. Junior Alyssa Doye expresses her thankfulness for the school.

“I’m thankful that the construction is done,” Doye said. “Now we get to enjoy our new school!”

With the furnished Union Wing completed and the school on a regular schedule, students can enjoy WHS to the fullest capacity. Senior Ella Hiple compensates her lost years of high school for this school year.

“The opportunity to be at school is very great,” Hiple said. “I’m grateful to have a senior year that’s normal and to experience the things I missed out on during my sophomore and junior year.”

Whether through a big or small gesture, anything can invoke gratefulness. Avery Banas (9) sees a big picture in what she’s thankful for.

“I’m thankful for being a part of the Westfield community,” Banas said. “I’ve been through a lot recently, and to have everyone in this school supporting me is something I’m very thankful for.”

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