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Leadership, Experience, Opportunity and Pancakes

by ERIN CLARK and TOMMY PUGH - LEO Club holds its annual Pancake Breakfast.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (March 23, 2019) - As the smell of pancakes and sausage filled the air, members of the Leadership, Experience and Opportunity (LEO) Club rushed to serve diners at their annual Pancake Breakfast. The exciting event celebrated the service club and fundraised for a recipient or charity of the club’s choice.

This year’s chosen recipient was Ms. Katlyn Stevenson, the head cheerleading coach and a WHS alum. Her touching story left her as a worthy recipient.

“We normally try and think about who in Westfield we know is going through something right now,” member Caitlin Fekete (12) said. “This year there were already so many fundraisers for Katlyn that we chose her because we knew she was in need because her cancer had just gotten worse.”

Club sponsor Mr. Victor McCarty initially brought Ms. Stevenson’s cause to LEO Club’s attention.

“The members of LEO Club vote on who they would like the proceeds to go, and when I mentioned Katlyn they immediately made their decision that it would be her,” Mr. McCarty said. “She has been battling stage three adrenal cancer for the last few years. I got to know her back when I was mascot here at WHS--I graduated in 2011--and she was a cheerleader. I have seen how cancer has taken its toll on her, and I'm glad I was able to find a way to help. The Westfield Way is all about taking care of our own.”

The community certainly displayed generosity during the fundraiser. The event was a major success, raising over $4300, breaking the $1000 goal.

“I want to thank everyone in our community for their support and look forward to future fundraising events,” Mr. McCarty said. “I just want to remind students that kindness matters and when you help someone else, it can truly impact their life.”

The impact also reached participating LEO Club members.

“My favorite moment was probably just seeing everyone come in,” Fekete said. “We ran out of pancakes and knives, which is awesome for us because so many people showed up. So that was really special, even though it was really hectic at the time. It’s really special to know that so many people are coming together that we literally ran out of food.”

This feeling of unity reached its climax when the grand total was presented.

“At the end of the day, we have a grand total to hand to the recipient,” Fekete said. “Seeing their faces and how appreciative they are just makes me cry a little every time, seeing them so happy.”

The event ultimately brought a large amount of the community together for a common cause: kindness.

“My favorite moment from this year's breakfast was when the entire WHS Baseball team came out in support of Katlyn,” Mr. McCarty said. “Acts of kindness can make a person smile, but when it's so overwhelming like that, it really warms your heart.”

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