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Kill them with kindness

Wise words from October kindness month winners

Makayla Boyer

Staff writer

December 7, 2022

Sticking up for each other - Encouraging sticky notes serve as a positive reminder.

October kindness month winners shared the importance of being kind.

Last month's winners of Westfield’s kindness month were nominated by various teachers and staff around the school. With so much positivity surrounding the building, winners share their inspirations and attributions toward the community.

“In and out of school, the way I show kindness is giving gifts,” Cadence Head (12) said. “I’m a huge gift-giver. I work in a donut shop so I love to give out donuts I made that are leftover, out to people.”

Though gift-giving is a popular way of showing kindness, Bridget Mick (10) expands on the topic, showing that there is more to kindness than what meets the eye.

“I try to think of things that I would like for people to do for me and I do them for others,” Mick said. “I love when people do random little things because it shows they're thinking of me.”

Being kind doesn't come naturally to everyone. Julia Brammer (9) talks about the selfless mindset that is often required behind the act of kindness.

“Sacrificing things that I could be doing to help myself… and trying to do them for others and… [treating] everyone how I want to be treated always puts a smile on my face,” Brammer said.

Some inspirations to be kind stem from inside the school. When asked about who sparks a light to show kindness, Head was quick to share about her favorite teacher and mentor.

“Mr. McLaughlin,” Head said. “He's one of the kindest people I know and he inspires me every day to do my best.”

With so much going on in the world, it is important that kindness stays a priority for all. Not only does it shed light on others, but also gives a sense of warmth and security to those who stake action.

“I love when people are kind to each other, it makes me feel warm and happy,” Head said.

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