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Job board provides numerous opportunities for students

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Madelyn Evans

Staff Writer

September 7, 2021

Students who are up for changing up their schedule this year can feel free to check out the high school’s job board.

The job board is on the wall across from the counseling center. Mrs. Tara McCrary, the counseling administrative assistant, is in charge of the job board and keeps it up to date.

“... an employer will contact me and ask if they can have a flyer posted so that students can see what’s available in the job market,” McCrary explained.

The business would then proceed to send a flyer to Mrs. McCrary, who will then print out the flyer. The flyer then gets posted on the board for all to see. As it is a different time in the world, places of employment are easily found right now.

“Truly, there are a lot of establishments looking for work, workers, because a lot are shorthanded,” McCrary said.

If a student may be looking for a job, the job board provides a great opportunity for one to be able to find and reach out to the numerous businesses in need of workers. The job board contains jobs of all different sorts.

“Right now we have the YMCA, we have a model search, we have Discount Tire,” McCrary said.

In addition, the job board currently has posts for places in need of staff such as Once Upon a Child, The Bridgewater Club, Urban Air, and Independence Village. As mentioned, the job board contains a variety of different types of jobs looking for hardworking employees. One is able to quickly look at the job board any time throughout their day.

“[Students can] just stop and look on the way to lunch or class,” McCrary said.


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