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It’s okay to not be okay

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

New mental health club encourages students to accept, adapt, and educate

Madelyn Evans

Staff Writer

September 28, 2021

First time gathering: Robbie’s Hope bracelets are passed out as student members of Robbie’s Hope meet for the first time.

New clubs are abundant at Westfield High School, and one of them is Robbie’s Hope, a club dedicated to raising awareness for mental health.

Robbie’s Hope was made to create a welcoming and accepting environment where everyone can come and help spread mental awareness and learn about mental health. Club members will be meeting in Mr. Wellbrook’s room, room 2311, and plan to meet at least once a month.

“Every meeting we want to have some little information piece on mental health and we will be planning out fundraisers for the organization or ways to teach adults about mental health,” sophomore Analiece Emigh, a Robbie’s Hope club ambassador said.

Robbie’s Hope was started at Westfield High School by Emigh when she was asked to be an ambassador for the club by Zoe Milewski.

“I decided to start this club because I noticed friends and family struggling with their own mental health in my community and I wanted to make a difference,” Emigh stated.

Emigh goes on to say how excited she is to reach out to others and raise awareness on the topic of mental health, “And to try and raise awareness and remove some of the stigma,” Emigh added. Despite the club being new to Westfield high school, it does already have a history behind it.

“It started when a young boy named Robbie had taken his own life and his parents started this administration to spread awareness to prevent other families to go through what they did and to prevent suicide,” Emigh said.

The nonprofit organization was started 2 years ago. The goal of the club is to educate and raise awareness on the subject of mental health, and to cut suicide rates in half by 2028. Anyone is welcome to attend Robbie’s Hope.

“No one deserves to be alone,” Emigh said.

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