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Invisibuddies: Featuring Katie Kemper

"I created Invisibuddies because I’ve struggled with a chronic illness called dysautonomia for a couple of years now and I know, because of this, there isn’t really a support system here at the high school to help kids like me who have chronic illnesses and aren’t able to play sports. I wanted to create a way for kids who have chronic illnesses to be able to stay involved in school and have a support system, to help them through their journey.

My hopes are that we are able to reach out to as many kids as we can and to help as many students and teachers as we can because I want to show everyone at the high school that they have our support and they are not going through their journey with their illness alone.

Students and teachers at Westfield can get involved by creating blankets, making bracelets, they can help with care packages and they can write encouraging cards for students and teachers that have illnesses, to really just encourage them throughout their journey. We will also have fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the care packages, so helping that way through donations." - Katie Kemper, Invisibuddies President

Follow Invisibuddies on Instagram @invisibuddies to see what amazing things they are doing in the WHS community AND Follow us on Instagram @humans_of_westfield, or click the photo above to head straight to our page!

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