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I Want It All Back


These past few weeks have been eventful, haven’t they? I still have not come to terms with what this means in the long run. It is only the first week of not having school, and I can’t describe how I feel. I tried to explain it to my friends, but they didn’t want to hear it because it would “make them anxious,” so here we go. The world feels dead. People over the years have been talking about how poorly cared for the planet is and how we’re going to run out of resources. Now when I walk outside and look up, all I see is a grey, disease-infected, dying planet. Everything is so quiet. It is an apocalypse. My generation has never lived through this, but it is honestly like what we see in the tv shows. The world is so eerie, I feel lonely. This virus has taken so much from me and from us, and I’m actually one of the lucky ones. It took my sports season away from me, my vacation with my friends, seeing my fatherly coach, seeing my favorite teachers at school, and so many other events I’d planned to attend. This pandemic made me realize I have taken a lot for granted. I was watching the news yesterday, and now I don’t think I’m going to see my people for even longer. I just want school back, I need a routine. Believe it or not, I want to wake up at 6 in the morning, spend 8 hours at school, come home to do homework, go to lacrosse practice, and not get home until 10 at night. I want that all back. But at this point I’m not sure if I’ll get that back any time soon. I’ve never wanted summer more, I need color in my life. I know I am not alone. We all deserve color in our lives.

-Written Day 1 of Elearning March 17th.

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