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POEM: Human

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

by ERIN REED - May 8, 2019

What makes us human?

Is it our DNA?

Our appearance?

Our spirit?

Or is it the way we speak to each other-

Conversations with languages of our own creation

Some forgotten in time

Others reborn in a new context

Communication is part of it, yes

But it is how we communicate that makes us human

Not simply speaking,

Not simply saying nonsense words

In nonsense conversations

It is how we express our thoughts

Not just through speech

But through art, music, literature

Things that speak louder than nonsense words ever could

Expression without boundary

Without restriction

The many ways of living told to us by other humans through myriads of expression-

Though their lives may seem strange to us at first

We come to understand them when we realize

That they’re humans too

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